A Certificate of Authority is a document issued by the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, which indicates their approval for a new professional service provider to open a PLLC or PC. (Note, the Certificate of Authority we’re referring to is also known as a PLS709, not a Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax).

During the application process the Office of the Professions must review the proposed Articles of Organization for the new PLLC, review the Members professional licensure credentials, and review other application documents specific to each profession. If the documents are legally sufficient, the Office of the Professions may issue a Certificate of Authority, which is required by the Department of State along with the Company’s organizational documents in order to establish the new entity.

The Department of Education processing time can take several months, so ensuring that the organizational documents are drafted correctly upon first submission is critical. This can save much time by eliminating the need to resubmit. The Department also frequently refuses applications for various reasons so if you’re on a timeline please contact us to inquire about our PLLC formation services.

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