A shareholders agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a corporation that governs the business affairs of the company. Common clauses of a shareholders agreement include the ownership of each shareholder, vesting of stock, voting rights, management duties, shareholder obligations, stock transfer restrictions, and other clauses that depend on the nature of the corporation.

Similar to an LLC operating agreement, a shareholders agreement should be adopted as soon as possible once the corporation is formed. A shareholders agreement is the most important contract between the owners of a corporation and it’s important to draft an agreement that suits the specific needs of the corporation. CONTACT US today to get a quote on a custom corporation shareholders agreement.

Corporate Shareholders Agreement: $495 And Up
      • Shareholder Ownership Interests
      • Vesting Schedule
      • Voting Rights
      • Management Duties
      • Shareholder Responsibilities
        • Admission of new Shareholders
        • Stock Transfer Restrictions
        • Non-Disclosure and Competition Clauses
        • Capital Contributions
        • Dissolution

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