Scott M. Thomas is a trademark lawyer at Thomas Law Firm PLLC. He represents clients in New Jersey and New York regarding federal trademark matters. His services include securing trademarks for startup companies and small businesses, responding to USPTO Office Actions, conducting trademark clearance searches and drafting trademark  licensing agreements. Mr. Thomas has registered dozens of trademarks including business names, logos and slogans. CONTACT Mr. Thomas today for a FREE CONSULTATION or to inquire about our flat fee trademark registration services.

Trademark Search and Registration Package: $695 + U.S. Filing Fee ($225)
    • Comprehensive in-house federal, state, and common law trademark search
    • In-person consultation, phone consultation, or written opinion letter on trademark search results
    • Prepare and file federal trademark application with the USPTO (1 class of goods or services)
    • Monitor trademark application progress
    • Response to non-substantive office actions
    • Includes all routine correspondence with USPTO during trademark application process
    • Trademark registration certificate
    • Fees valid for trademarks currently being used in commerce
New Jersey State Trademark Registration: $195 + State Filing Fees ($50)
    • File state trademark application with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
    • Fees are valid for trademarks currently being used in commerce
    • Trademark registration certificate

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