Thomas Law Firm PLLC firm drafts USPTO office action responses for trademark applications that have been refused on a 2(e)4 Primarily Merely a Surname basis. If you have received this type of office action please contact us and we’ll schedule a free phone consultation regarding your options and the probability of overcoming the office action refusal.

We have successfully handled many 2(e)4 Primarily Merely a Surname refusal cases for client’s whose applications were submitted Pro se or by another attorney. The flat fee for our office action services depends on the options that are available in your case. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.

Primarily Merely a Surname Office Action Service: Contact Us for a Flat Fee Quote
    • Free phone consultation on Office Action response options
    • Written brief and/or application amendments drafted and submitted to USPTO
    • Monitor Office Action response progress and email status updates

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