Thomas Law Firm PLLC provides Benefit Corporation formation services in New York. A Benefit Corporation may be formed for the purpose of creating a “general public benefit,” which is defined as a “material positive impact on society and the environment.”

A Benefit Corporation may also pursue other specific benefits such as providing beneficial products or services to low-income or underserved individuals or communities, promoting economic opportunity, preserving the environment, improving human health, promoting the arts, increasing the flow of capital to entities with a public benefit purpose, or the accomplishment of any other particular benefit for society or the environment.

Thomas Law Firm PLLC can incorporate your business as a New York Benefit Corporation or Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. Contact us for more information or for a flat fee quote or a free phone consultation. You can also read more about Benefit Corporations on our blog or download the Benefit Corporation Guide from our resources page.

New York Benefit Corporation Formation Service: $995 Flat Fee
    • Benefit Corporation name availability check
    • Draft Certificate of Incorporation
    • File Certificate of Incorporation with New York Dept. of State
    • Draft Corporate Bylaws and Stock Certificates
    • Obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Includes 24-hour processing and Certified Articles of Incorporation
    • Pay online with credit card or debit card. Contact us to get started!

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