Choosing to incorporate is a smart decision for startups, small business owners and entrepreneurs. The process of incorporation creates a distinct business entity that is separate from its founders. Once properly formed, a corporation can conduct business, enter into contracts and own assets as if it were a natural person.

A key advantage of incorporation is that its founders are protected from personal liability.  This means that if a corporation fails, the founder’s and shareholder’s loss is generally limited to the extent of their investment, and they may not be further liable for corporate debts or obligations. Other advantages include enhanced credibility, transferable ownership shares, clear organization, protection of corporate assets and increased business liquidity.

Thomas Law Firm PLLC can incorporate your business and advise you regarding all related issues. Please CONTACT US for information about incorporating in New York, Delaware, or in your home state. If you practice a profession that requires a professional entity (PLLC or PC) please visit our Form a Professional Business Entity Page.

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