An Allegation of Use is required for trademark applications that were initially filed a 1(b) Intent-To-Use basis. This supplemental form is filed after the initial application process, if your mark is issued a Notice of Allowance (preliminary acceptance) by the USPTO. When filing the Allegation of Use, evidence must be submitted that shows your actual use of the trademark in interstate commerce. This evidence (also known as Specimens of Use) may be photographs of your products, webpage screenshots, or other materials depending on your specific trademark. CONTACT US today if you need assistance filing an Allegation of Use to complete a 1(b) Intent-To-Use Trademark Application.

Trademark Allegation of Use: $495 Flat Fee
    • Phone Consultation on Allegation of Use submission process
    • Coordinate Specimens of Use to submit with Allegation of Use
    • Draft and File Allegation of Use with USPTO
    • USPTO Filing Fee Included in Flat Fee
    • Fees valid for 1 trademark currently being used in commerce in 1 class
    • Pay online with credit or debit card. CONTACT US to get started!
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