Thomas Law Firm PLLC provides USPTO Office Action response services for all types of substantive and non-substantive USPTO Office Action refusals. If your trademark application has been refused please CONTACT US and provide your serial number and we can schedule a free phone consultation and will send you a flat fee QUOTE. We can help get your trademark refusal reversed, even if your trademark application was initially filed Pro se or by another attorney.

We draft and file written arguments in favor or trademark registration for all types Office Action refusals including 2(d) likelihood of confusions refusals, 2(e)1 merely descriptive refusals, 2(e)4 surname refusals, and all other substantive Office Actions. We also draft and submit responses for all non-substantive USPTO office actions including ornamental refusalsspecimen refusals and disclaimer requests.

The fees for our office action response services depend on the type of the refusal you have received and/or the number of conflicts cited in the office action. CONTACT US  and we’ll provide you with a flat fee quote and determine the likelihood of overcoming the Office Action you’ve received.

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